Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Murphy, Texas

Lawn Care Pricing

Please contact our office at 972-442-6483 for service pricing.

Request lawn mowing, lawn care or landscaping serviceWeekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Care
For best results, we recommend weekly mowing, but you may choose the service frequency that best suits your needs. This flexibility strikes a balance between your budget and the smart look your yard deserves.

· Mowing with commercial mulching mowers
· Edging of all concrete borders
· Line trimming around all beds, fences and trees
· Cleaning up with air blowers


Our Service Areas

We currently serve customers in Collin County and Denton County, Texas. We aim to please, so if your town or city is not listed below, please contact us for a custom quote. Our areas include:

• Plano
• Frisco
• Allen
• McKinney
• Fairview
• Lucas
• Parker
• Murphy
• Wylie








Service Days and Weather Delays
We schedule work Monday through Friday, and use Saturday to compensate for weather-related delays. If we cannot provide service on your regularly scheduled day, we will make it the next day.

Gate Locks, Pets and Loose Objects
Keep your gate unlocked for us on your scheduled mowing day. For the safety of your beloved animals and our crew, please keep your pets inside the house, and the lawn free of any large objects like toys, pet waste or rocks. These may cause injury or damage if struck by our equipment.

Property Damage
Please notify our office of any damage claims within 24 hours of your last service.

Liability Disclaimer
For liability reasons, our crews are not allowed to move children’s playhouses, swing sets, trampolines or similar yard items. We will remove as much grass under or around any such items as we can.

Skip or Cancel Service
A 24-hour notice prior to next scheduled mowing is required. No same day cancellations. If you call to cancel on your mowing day or stop our crew from mowing when they arrive at your home, you will still be charged for service.

More Services

· Scalping
· Bush and Shrub Care
· Bed Cleaning
· Weeding
· Seasonal Color
· Stonework
· Stonework Gallery

We offer scalping service in March and April upon your request. Get this done early for a clean and great-looking lawn throughout the growing season. [TOP]

Bush and shrub care
Let us groom your plants and remove the deadwood so that you may enjoy your greens and blooms throughout the spring and the summer. [TOP]

Bed cleaning, weeding and mulching
We’ll take away the leaf drop and grass overgrowth from your hedges and flowerbeds. Lose those unsightly weeds that crowd your desirable plants and rob them of ground nutrients. We’ll prep your beds then lay down a layer of mulch to fight new weed growth, keep bugs away, and cool your plant roots in the summer. [TOP]

Seasonal color
Get that fresh look year-round as the seasons come and go. We’ll change out your flowers and remove withered annuals, so you’ll always enjoy your landscape. [TOP]

Beautify your home with natural stone. Use stone for outdoor living areas like patio grills, fireplaces, mailboxes and flower bed edging. Call us for a free estimate. View our gallery. [TOP]


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